FleshPrism was (re)born New Moon 1st September 2016. Please bear with while place begins to become - things will be morphing about until the new year I reckon, at which point I'll formally launch. Meanwhile feel free to contact me (Sam) through: sirrealeyes at fleshprism dot net. Cheers for being hear!




Eleven Healing Past Life Featured Image

Past Life Progressions

An illustration for the first in a series of interviews with alternative therapists, via Eleven Healing.
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Hazelkn0t Featured Image


A knotwork derived from the patterns in a trinity of hazelnuts.
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Psilly Psypress Cover Featured Image

Cover Art for Psypress XVIII

Woo! I did the covers for this month's journal from the excellent Psychedelic Press!
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Horned God Featured Image

Horned g0dd

Design featuring horned nature g0dd face filled with animals of many elements.
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WishfoolfilameantZzz Featured Image


Wee man makes offering to Big Lady, Psyche/Gaia/Sophia.
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Featured Image for First Knots


Initial explorations in the ancient techniques of Celtic Knotwork. A Daffodil, A Moon meditation, A Green Man.
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Ayahuasca mandala, detail from "GroUp: A Vision of The World Tree." FleshPrism.

GroUp – A Vision Of The World Tree

Poetry and illustration depicting an ayahuasca vision during a group session.
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