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Past Life Progressions

  • 11th October 2016

"Past Life Regression" Illustration commissioned by my amazing Sister Josie, who runs Eleven Healing, for her new series of interviews with therapists from a variety of modalities. Watercolour, ink & pencils on paper. 20x30cm, 2016. (Z00M!)

^Illustration commissioned by my amazing Sister Josie, who works under the name Eleven Healing, to accompany a new series of interviews with alternative therapists from a variety of modalities.

Check out the interview, with Past Life Regression therapist Paul Williamson, here: http://www.elevenhealing.com/blog/2016/9/16/past-life-regression

It was a short notice request for the illustration, but I had most of the day free and it happened to be exactly what I was up for doing :-) I used a kind of interlacing overlaying a geometric structure, with motifs of doors opening & closing, transformation/the butterfly (done with the peacock butterfly in mind, thinking Psyche) Рskulls and happy/sad faces on her wings, the candle in the darkness, the strange eye of spiritual vision, the soul-bird, the strong feminine symbol of the vesica piscis Рdeath & rebirth Рthe winding threads of symbolic DNA. All fun stuff. :-)

It’s the first in what should be a series of interviews that I’ll continue doing the illustrations for, as part of the expansion of the Eleven Healing website – and so of course: if you’re ever in need of an excellent Reiki healer and all-round lovely person, based in London but also often in the Newcastle/Bournemouth/Ibiza areas, now you know where to go! ;-)

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