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FleshPrism was (re)born New Moon 1st September 2016. Please bear with while place begins to become - things will be morphing about until the new year I reckon, at which point I'll formally launch. Meanwhile feel free to contact me (Sam) through: sirrealeyes at fleshprism dot net. Cheers for being hear!



0h w0w Awen!

  • 11th September 2016

"Drude!" Neo-Celtic Knotwork overlaying a photo-prismantic melange. Digital collage, 2016. (Z00M!)

I’m back from an awesome weekend visiting Wales for the Neuro-Magica retreat at Cae Mabon. An utterly wonderful place and an amazing bunch of people – utterly inspiring stuff all round – high(third-eye)jinks and deepest belly laughs! Much gratitude to all involved, human & otherwize.

We live now. Look
to the stars the future
past. Old light reaching out
to embrace the ever-present
dark. Down into the earth, look
there, beyond the layered histories
to ancient future furnace forming,
mixing-pot of melting fossil star
heart. Death, breath
without pause between blood and air
only the ways we transform together
making any difference at all.

We live here. Green skin,
the black behind blue skies,
a shadow flicking its tail
on the lawn / around the fire
yawn… sigh. Space
and star meat, blood red
sun white light. Honey lens.
Seeing the golden light
inthroughout. Rain drops
with clouds on top
to hover just above the fields.

We dream. Friend of endless
friends. Minds open, nature
listening in, speaking
tree thoughts, animal desires
more pure, compound ideas,
antlers, anthers, feathers,
fluttering freedom in the wind
that brings us together, in the water
we eddy and swirl, in the fire
we reveal and hold in the
earth our ashen brains
paint the body we are
something else.



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