Ayahuasca mandala, detail from "GroUp: A Vision of The World Tree." FleshPrism.


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GroUp – A Vision Of The World Tree

  • 11th September 2010
"GroUp: A Vision of The World Tree." Ayahuasca art. FleshPrism.

“GroUp: A Vision of The World Tree.” Ink and pencils on paper. 40x60cm. 2010.

An excerpt from the accompanying poem .:

The very fabric of my being unwinds
the spreading threads of my soul shine
a light known only as reflection.
Knots that never were untie themselves endlessly,
they are the roots of this tree. A fertile death encases them,
a writhing transmutation of tired old flesh, heavy with experience,
happy to be sadly sunken to the bottom of the pile. A grimacing smile.
My face is contorted in a beautiful agony. It is a mask of light
milked by shadowy fingers. I understand Gargoyles.
I am wrathful deities of fire frozen as sculpture.
I am an electric spider with needle-fine feet teasing apart
the Celtic knot of my deoxyribonucleic heart. I am rapt
in the rainbow roots of the sacred tree,
staring upwards with damp eyes,
solemnly. Perceiving the great trunk
that turns in magnificent melancholy,
the perfect pace of a body in space.
This graceful column of great strength,
this twilight length. This holy night,
naked before the billion eyes of the stars in its sky.
Stars which are light penetrating the dark density
of its fractal canopy – spaces in space.

The Whirling-World-Tree-Wheel
we all huddle under. Its tips
loop back to its roots. We are
all on the floor of the same roof.
We are angelic clouds of exploding stars
spiralling black-hole tears through
supple veins in the puzzle-solving muscles
of the same giant face, each wrinkle a river
of infinite expressions in the time of space
	it takes to see
	a vision of
		The World Tree



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