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FleshPrism was (re)born New Moon 1st September 2016. Please bear with while place begins to become - things will be morphing about until the new year I reckon, at which point I'll formally launch. Meanwhile feel free to contact me (Sam) through: sirrealeyes at fleshprism dot net. Cheers for being hear!



King Stag & His Little Helpers

  • 26th September 2010
"King Stag & His Little Helpers." Liberty cap mushrooms with skeletal stag. Shroom painting. FleshPrism.

“King Stag & His Little Helpers.” Mixed media on paper. 40x60cm. 2010.

An excerpt from the accompanying poem:

Scan the landscape
To feel for a pull
Watch the flight of a crow
And ask for a clue:
First up & away from me
then turning into my direction,
Bidding on.
Caught like a lightening strike
In my scanning gaze
Leading landscape to a plane
A breathing tapestry:
Lit up for one eternal moment
In the warp & weft of distant trees
And fractal heath -
The tall shining skeleton
The bone-lit King Stag
Moon-flesh tied like wishing rags
To the windless cage of his proud ribs,
Antlers like World-Tree-veins
Pumping ancient days
Through the thin skin of night -
Time is a cyclic flicker
And memory is alive.
Immediate, unmediated
Memory - a meaningful picture
Like a flaw in the crystallised eternity
Of life. Like a crack in the mirror.



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